Gratitude No 15 Jan 15 2019 Part Two Afternoon Green Club at Ascension We started this club just a few months ago to help the children so interested in Zero Waste and the environment to become active

Gratitude No. 15: Jan. 15, 2019
Part Two
Afternoon Green Club at Ascension. We started this club just a few months ago to help the children so interested in Zero Waste and the environment to become active.
The first photo is dear friend and former Ascension Classmate, Dick Biggins founder and owner of Empowering Gardens in Forest Park, Il. Dick's sister, the youngest of 8, had Downs Syndrome at a time when so little was known. Over the years his father helped start a non profit to help children with disabilities and hence Dick following in his father's footsteps opened EG specifically to hire and train the disabled.
After I met with Dick and partner Ana last week for an interview with Forest Park Review, we brainstormed on how to combine Dick's passion and vision with our Alma Mater, Ascension to combine a win/win.
Although my photography skills are minimal at best, sorry Dick, he did a great job just telling the story of EG to a captive audience of children who now understand that anything they or their families do to promote EG helps the disabled and the environment.
Come the second week in April, the Green Club will help EG surprise unexpected recipients with pots of yellow pansies. The kids were so excited about working on this project as well as sharing them. Each pot contains also a $5 coupon for EG.
We also talked about a houseplant sale as fund raiser for the the Green Club by purchasing plants from EG. We also discussed other Parish potential by switching plant purchases from other places to EG to support this Ascension Alumni:-)
Annie Bookmeir, a teacher at Ascension, has taken the lead on this and we are support. She was so excited that I brought Dick as a surprise and all of the ways we can work together.
The last 2 pictures are a couple of notices for our book drive:-) The kids planted veggie seeds, made hearts writing on them how they want to improve the planet and then the posters for the book drive.
Phenomenal positive energy where brainstorming, ideas, working outside the meetings and bringing surprises we can all share and learn from.
A great day for the school and the environment:-)

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