Special thanks to Rev Wale Ajayi What an awesome time in God s presence CGMI miracle center benin city

Special thanks to Rev. Wale Ajayi. What an awesome time in God's presence CGMI miracle center benin city! Special thanks to my Daddy Moyo Akin-ojo for unleashing me into the Marketplace. Special thanks to my wife Cynthia Mene for her prayers, support and goodwill. Thank you Jesus for your completed work on the cross. Thank you for forgiving our sins AND showering us with the abundance of your grace! Because of your graciousness we know we are the answer to this generation’s heart cry. Our light is shining forth as the noonday compelling the nations to gather around us and kings to seek us for solutions. In the Name of Jesus, we take our place as a City set on a hill: unstoppable, invincible and blessing the whole earth! I, Blessing Mene, I'm not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ! ? Fire!!

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