Telesur is one of the best news sources I ve found on facecrack

Telesur is one of the best news sources I've found on facecrack. Though I am dubious of the claim reported here.
Last night in my room the sound of "crickets" was overwhelming. But it did not sound like real crickets. First, it was a thousand times as frequent, with countless clicks each second. Second, the sound was mechanical, not natural. It had hard lines, square edges and sharp corners, all things not found in the natural world.
I doubt anybody was conducting a sonic attack directly on me, but there was some kind of technology being deployed nearby, be it new 5G towers or strange light bulbs in the street lamps or robot aliens scouring the ancient dimensions for spirit fuel.
That said, I highly recommend following Telsur. Great international reporting and observations, perspectives and insights into the u.s. that the corporate media does not seem interested in.

 2020-09-15   Admin

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