The gong They call him the gong I prefer the gods Prince Stephen We had in our midst the representative of the gods

The gong!
They call him 'the gong'
I prefer 'the gods'
Prince Stephen
We had in our midst, the representative of the gods.
Like dibia anya nzu, he sprawled on the floor
Tiger nut for cowries
Truth or Dare
The gong was there
Playing the role of lie detector
Consulting the gods
Nobody escaped his drills.
The gods drilled and drilled until the truth is dished.
Hilarious counter truths
Crazy dares
Everyone had a fair share of laughter
Because...the gods came to play
With us
Thanks a heartful, Sir Prince.
You're everything beautiful
Your humility is uncommon
You're loved.
#Pengician #SSA

 2020-09-20   Admin

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